Welcome to the Land of Milk and Hotwheels

I have two boys, a preschooler (Carboy) and a baby (Milkboy).  I never envisioned myself as the Queen of Boydom.  In fact, two ultrasounds said that my second baby was a girl, so Milkboy was quite the surprise as the OB pulled him up.

Carboy is so nicknamed because of his undying love of all things Hot Wheels.  I discovered the British show “Top Gear” when he was 18 months old, and still enamored of Thomas and train-dom, so I had no idea how much it would come to be the theme of my life.  The car obsession started about age two and a half, and has shown no signs of abating after two years.  We have the standard miniature cars, remote control cars, model cars, “Cars” movie accessories, and anything else remotely-car related that the good folks at Target can sell me.

Milkboy gets his name because he is powered by mama’s milk.  We have a great nursing relationship, and I am so grateful to be able to provide this for him as long as he needs it.  Nursing the second time around is so different, easier in many ways but with whole new challenges.  Like  I realized last month that the reason he hadn’t been gaining weight was because every nursing session was interrupted by his brother driving cars on top of us.  So we have introduced the “bubble” when Milkboy and I are doing our “munchies,” a sort of no-fly zone for hot wheels and big brothers.  We’ll see how that works.

Folks keep telling me to write down my stories of life as an unplanned stay-at-home mom, so that’s  my goal here.  The charming, absurd, and incredibly amazing life of the Queen of the Land of Milk and Hotwheels.


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