Things I say more all the time

“Sit on your bottom”

“Please do not lick your brother”

“Put on your clothes or your Ferrari is going into time out”

“No hugging people you don’t know, even if they are kids”

“Stop trying to sit in the baby bouncer”

“Eat your hot dog or no more fruit”

“Get your hand out of my shirt”

“If you don’t have to go potty, why are you grabbing your penis?”




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  1. 1

    joyfullysubversive said,

    Well, when I asked him, about a month ago, if he had to go potty (because he kept grabbing himself), he very seriously said “No, I’m just checking my penis.” Um. Okay.

  2. 2

    Katy said,

    My cousin’s son (after being introduced to legwarmers in the cold MN winter) decided to start wearing two pairs of underwear “because his penis was cold”. Naturally, his grandma and great-aunts find this hilarious.

  3. 3

    Eric said,

    It’s funny you say the same things to Chris.

  4. 4

    kiks said,

    Wash your hands. Did you wash your hands? Wash your hands.

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