The lamb of God


When Carboy was a baby he had a cute pacifier clip with a little soft rabbit doll from Good Night Moon attached. We called it “bunny nuk” and it was a consistent part of baby-soothing until Carboy decided he was too cool for pacifiers at nine months old. We put it away with other mementoes of babyhood and assumed we could get a new one for the next child.

So almost four years later Milkboy was born and we discovered that pacifier clips had changed a lot. After much searching my mother in law found one at a church gift shop. It has a stuffed animal lamb head and a white satin strap with the words “Jesus loves me” repeated across it.

Thus it was immediately dubbed the “lamb of God” pacifier clip šŸ™‚

Posted from WordPress for Android one-handed while nursing a baby and wrangling a preschooler.


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    Katy said,

    How do you get that boy to sleep in a bouncer? Beth thinks that they are only for when I want to look at her from a different angle and stays awake, waiting to be picked up again.

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