The Mommydom Rules

Next week I am attending a Positive Parenting workshop, and it’s made me think about what my “rules” are by which I parent.  Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  • No candy.  OK, no lollipops in the living room.  Twizzlers are good because they can be doled out one strand at a time, but each strand is big enough Carboy doesn’t think he needs to whine for more.
  • Don’t give in to a whining child.  Except when the other child is screaming, and I’m trying to get out the door/through the store/whatever.
  • No more apples.  Seriously, child, you eat your body weight in apples every day and you look like Skeletor’s little brother.  Have some candy, for God’s sake.  Here’s a Twizzler.
  • Less screen time, more outdoor/activity time.  Unless I’m trying to beat my personal best on Scramble.  Or it’s cold outside.  Or I’m tired.
  • Science is great.  Space is cool.  But dear God, why does NASA Kids use the macarena as the background music for its games?  Make it stop now.
  • I will feed my child McD’s happy meals, but no more than once a week.  Chicken nuggets are a nice supplement to the apple slices and apple juice that come in them.
  • Free range parenting: pass off children to any willing and vaguely competent adults wherever I go (church, park, friends, etc).  Collect children when ready to leave.
  • Love expressed daily.  Snuggle often.  Sneak in kisses on dirty faces.

If I had to define my parenting style, it’s attachment-esque.  I carry Milkboy  in a wrap or sling, because the damn car seat weighs a ton, and I need two hands to stop Carboy from whatever mischief he’s getting into.  I bedshare with the baby because I’m too lazy to get out of bed in the middle of the night to nurse.  I do baby-led parenting because I have strong willed children who will not do anything they don’t want to do.

This winging-it style worked well up to this point but the combination of Carboy getting older, the addition of Milkboy, my unemployment and full-time homemaker status, etc, are making it not a viable option anymore.  Hopefully I can find something we can all live with so I can go to the park without fear of my child melting down/getting in a fight/being labeled “difficult.”


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  1. 1

    kiks said,

    Excellent rules! And, yeah seriously, you might as well buy stock in an apple orchard to keep up with that kid’s addiction!

  2. 2

    Susan said,

    Benign neglect seems to work…in retrospeck anyway. And, oh I forgot, screaming a lot…perhaps not ideal…

  3. 3

    Annie Crow said,

    Oh, funny. Oh cool to know you have a blog! Check out mine:

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