2011 in Review: January

I recently realized that I had this blog thing, and had done nothing with it for, oh, months.  Like since May.  Somehow the blank page was too intimidating.  But I have been posting snarky things about my experience as a mom and facebook, and now with this timeline thingy, I can go back in time and record them all here for posterity, or something.  So, beginning with January 2011, here goes:

01/04/11:   According to Will, “After I’m 3 I’m going to be 6, and then I’m going to be 4 and 5 and then I ‘m going to be 21.” Well, that explains everything.

01/10/11: “Survived my first day alone with both boys. No naps mean I hope chris comes home with scotch for mama”

01/14/11: “Will is “spelling” words with blocks and whenever I say something is not a word he tells me it’s a place in Africa or a word in Japanese. Um, no, but good try”

01/17/11: “loves that Anton has developed enough head and neck control to be in the “dramatic finish” stage of nursing when babes pull off with a flourish and happy milk-drunk grin. So adorable!”

01/20/11: “I have two sleeping boys on my lap, which is quite crowded but apparently comfy”

01/25/11: “Somehow our nice quiet snack time ended up with spilled juice, then wet clothes, a screaming baby and a bloody nose on the preschooler. Super fun for everyone!”

01/26/11: “would like the evil gnome that comes into my house and hides all the “acceptable” pacifiers to testify at my coming insanity hearing.”

So that was my life a year ago.  Pretty much the same now.  I’ve got a better handle on the whole “mom of two boys” situation, but it still is the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life.



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