2011 Year in Review: February Parenting Moments

02/03:  “Well, grandma has left, which means the baby probably won’t get another bath until my mom comes in two weeks, and I am already eyeing the liquor shelf.”

02/05: “Recovering from the birthday party. there was laughter, tears, and singing. And a cake with a crudely drawn space shuttle. What more could an almost four year old want?”

02/08: “an anecdote from Will-ville for you: he made that model airplane he got for his birthday, and asked me this morning what kind of plane it was. Without thinking, I told him it was a fighter jet. He asked me what kind of plane a fighter jet was, and I told him it was a plane that fights other planes. He got this kinda sad look on his face and told me he didn’t want his plane to fight, he wanted it to care about other planes. So we agreed that this particular fighter jet just cares about other planes, and doesn’t fight.”

02/09: “Happy fourth birthday to my sweet, smart, funny, loving baby boy William.”

02/10: “so William got a Tonka Garage Happy Meal Toy today labeled an “Everglade Excavator.” Makes you wonder if the rest of the series includes the “Arctic Wildlife Refuge Oil Driller” and the “Redwood National Forest Logger.””

02/16: “Will” “I didn’t pee in my pants I just peed in my diaper”
Me: “Um, you’re not wearing a diaper”
Will: *walks silently to bathroom, pees, and returns to kitchen”
Will: “My undies are a little bit wet”
Me: “You don’t say””

02/21: “Anton has recently discovered that his hands make tasty things to gnaw on between meals, but he keeps getting angry at them when he can’t fit both fists in his mouth ;-)”

02/26: “Watching star wars episode iv with will for the first time. Last weekend we introduced him to the phantom menace and now need to give that dvd a break since we have watched the pod race about a dozen times.”




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