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2011 Year in Review: February Parenting Moments

02/03:  “Well, grandma has left, which means the baby probably won’t get another bath until my mom comes in two weeks, and I am already eyeing the liquor shelf.”

02/05: “Recovering from the birthday party. there was laughter, tears, and singing. And a cake with a crudely drawn space shuttle. What more could an almost four year old want?”

02/08: “an anecdote from Will-ville for you: he made that model airplane he got for his birthday, and asked me this morning what kind of plane it was. Without thinking, I told him it was a fighter jet. He asked me what kind of plane a fighter jet was, and I told him it was a plane that fights other planes. He got this kinda sad look on his face and told me he didn’t want his plane to fight, he wanted it to care about other planes. So we agreed that this particular fighter jet just cares about other planes, and doesn’t fight.”

02/09: “Happy fourth birthday to my sweet, smart, funny, loving baby boy William.”

02/10: “so William got a Tonka Garage Happy Meal Toy today labeled an “Everglade Excavator.” Makes you wonder if the rest of the series includes the “Arctic Wildlife Refuge Oil Driller” and the “Redwood National Forest Logger.””

02/16: “Will” “I didn’t pee in my pants I just peed in my diaper”
Me: “Um, you’re not wearing a diaper”
Will: *walks silently to bathroom, pees, and returns to kitchen”
Will: “My undies are a little bit wet”
Me: “You don’t say””

02/21: “Anton has recently discovered that his hands make tasty things to gnaw on between meals, but he keeps getting angry at them when he can’t fit both fists in his mouth ;-)”

02/26: “Watching star wars episode iv with will for the first time. Last weekend we introduced him to the phantom menace and now need to give that dvd a break since we have watched the pod race about a dozen times.”




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2011 in Review: January

I recently realized that I had this blog thing, and had done nothing with it for, oh, months.  Like since May.  Somehow the blank page was too intimidating.  But I have been posting snarky things about my experience as a mom and facebook, and now with this timeline thingy, I can go back in time and record them all here for posterity, or something.  So, beginning with January 2011, here goes:

01/04/11:   According to Will, “After I’m 3 I’m going to be 6, and then I’m going to be 4 and 5 and then I ‘m going to be 21.” Well, that explains everything.

01/10/11: “Survived my first day alone with both boys. No naps mean I hope chris comes home with scotch for mama”

01/14/11: “Will is “spelling” words with blocks and whenever I say something is not a word he tells me it’s a place in Africa or a word in Japanese. Um, no, but good try”

01/17/11: “loves that Anton has developed enough head and neck control to be in the “dramatic finish” stage of nursing when babes pull off with a flourish and happy milk-drunk grin. So adorable!”

01/20/11: “I have two sleeping boys on my lap, which is quite crowded but apparently comfy”

01/25/11: “Somehow our nice quiet snack time ended up with spilled juice, then wet clothes, a screaming baby and a bloody nose on the preschooler. Super fun for everyone!”

01/26/11: “would like the evil gnome that comes into my house and hides all the “acceptable” pacifiers to testify at my coming insanity hearing.”

So that was my life a year ago.  Pretty much the same now.  I’ve got a better handle on the whole “mom of two boys” situation, but it still is the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life.


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The lamb of God


When Carboy was a baby he had a cute pacifier clip with a little soft rabbit doll from Good Night Moon attached. We called it “bunny nuk” and it was a consistent part of baby-soothing until Carboy decided he was too cool for pacifiers at nine months old. We put it away with other mementoes of babyhood and assumed we could get a new one for the next child.

So almost four years later Milkboy was born and we discovered that pacifier clips had changed a lot. After much searching my mother in law found one at a church gift shop. It has a stuffed animal lamb head and a white satin strap with the words “Jesus loves me” repeated across it.

Thus it was immediately dubbed the “lamb of God” pacifier clip 🙂

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Welcome to the Land of Milk and Hotwheels

I have two boys, a preschooler (Carboy) and a baby (Milkboy).  I never envisioned myself as the Queen of Boydom.  In fact, two ultrasounds said that my second baby was a girl, so Milkboy was quite the surprise as the OB pulled him up.

Carboy is so nicknamed because of his undying love of all things Hot Wheels.  I discovered the British show “Top Gear” when he was 18 months old, and still enamored of Thomas and train-dom, so I had no idea how much it would come to be the theme of my life.  The car obsession started about age two and a half, and has shown no signs of abating after two years.  We have the standard miniature cars, remote control cars, model cars, “Cars” movie accessories, and anything else remotely-car related that the good folks at Target can sell me.

Milkboy gets his name because he is powered by mama’s milk.  We have a great nursing relationship, and I am so grateful to be able to provide this for him as long as he needs it.  Nursing the second time around is so different, easier in many ways but with whole new challenges.  Like  I realized last month that the reason he hadn’t been gaining weight was because every nursing session was interrupted by his brother driving cars on top of us.  So we have introduced the “bubble” when Milkboy and I are doing our “munchies,” a sort of no-fly zone for hot wheels and big brothers.  We’ll see how that works.

Folks keep telling me to write down my stories of life as an unplanned stay-at-home mom, so that’s  my goal here.  The charming, absurd, and incredibly amazing life of the Queen of the Land of Milk and Hotwheels.

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